Maintain Campaign

The Maintain Campaign, developed by WellFeds, in partnership with Federal Occupational Health, aims to facilitate a healthy lifestyle initiative that works to help participants eat and exercise mindfully during the holiday season.

More than half of Chicago adults are overweight or obese and sedentary jobs are becoming more common. Nearly 9 out of 10 adults have difficulty using routinely available everyday health information.

Project Goals: 1) Provide a Weight-Maintenance Program During the Winter Holiday Season; 2) Inform
& Educate Employees about Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, and other Healthy Lifestyle Options.

Maintain Campaign Agency Implementation Guide


Week 1-Welcome, Getting Started

Week 2-Holiday Travel

Week 3-Parties

Week 4-Activity

Week 5-NYE Resolutions

Week 6-Congratulations and Weigh-out


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2014-2015 Maintain Campaign Weigh-in and -out


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Maintain Campaign Recipes

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