Intergovernmental Affairs

The Intergovernmental Affairs Committee strives to develop, strengthen, and maintain relationships among all levels of government. The committee aims to provide opportunities for the exchanges of ideas to take place and for communication networks to expand through White House Initiatives.

Lesley Craig (Department of Health and Human Services) and Vincent Parisi (Federal Emergency Management Agency) serve as Co-chairs of WellFeds.

  • Through community service projects which strive to enhance community outreach with the public-at-large by promoting volunteerism, civic engagement, and providing opportunities for cross-collaboration between different municipalities.
  • Health and Wellness encourages Federal employees to make health a priority. The WellFeds Campaign improves worksite culture by promoting wellness and productivity through physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Sustainability is weaved into efforts of all Federal agencies in the region and are encouraged to share information, ideas, and solutions, to better achieve our individual and collective environmental objectives to preserve resources and create a more sustainable government.