FY2020 Survey – Discontinued Category Criteria

Agency of the Year
This category recognizes one agency for achieving an outstanding level of success in implementation of federal initiatives to provide public service to citizens in their community. Initiatives could include:

  • Employee engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Note: The agency that won the previous year is not eligible for nomination the following year.

Citizens Services Employee
This category recognizes significant contributions in activities related to public and community service.
Areas may include: economic development, education, health care, housing, labor, and transportation.
Accomplishments may include:

  • Skill and compassion of employees who go the extra mile to provide services to the public
  • Perform significant volunteer services in their communities or general public. 

Mission Support Employee
This category recognizes an individual who demonstrates superior dedication to the mission of their agency or office. Accomplishments may include:

  • Ability to execute job priorities efficiently in spite of possible chaotic environmental challenges (power outages, weather related emergencies)
  • High inner work standards and attention to detail for accuracy and completeness in what is prepared
  • Excellent listening skills and a willingness to offer insights about alternative approaches that may yield better results; promoting innovation and organizational efficiency
  • Ability to anticipate risks/vulnerabilities
  • Ability to translate complex technical issues to user friendly language

Mission Support Team 
This category recognizes a team that demonstrates superior performance along agency-specific guidelines for planning, design, and execution of programs supporting their agency’s or office’s mission. Team background could include: Safety standards, health care, environment, energy, or information technology.

Call to Service 
This category recognizes professional achievements that reflect important contributions that a new employee brings to public service.  The candidate must have 5 or fewer years of federal civil service.
Accomplishments may include:

  • Innovation that challenges conventional thinking
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Management reform
  • Private sector integration into the public