FY2020 Survey – Continuing Category Criteria

Continuing Awards

Human Capital Readiness
This strategic goal facilitates strategies and approaches for recruiting, training, and retaining Federal employees, as well as sharing best practices and workforce education. The goal is to provide accurate, timely and useful information throughout the FEB Network.

Career Achievement  
This category recognizes a federal employee for significant accomplishments throughout a lifetime of achievement in public service. Nomination must showcase accomplishments throughout their career, not just in the past year.  The candidate must have 20+ years of career federal civil service. Accomplishments can include:

  • Impacts of employees work throughout their career
  • Financial savings of long term process changes
  • Shifts in workplace or community culture from employee’s efforts
  • Practices interagency collaboration to further their agency’s mission

JFK Leadership  
This category is to honor outstanding leadership skills. Accomplishments may include:

  • Recognizing responsibility to lead means leveraging your team’s talents
  • Engages their staff as professionals; makes them aware of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” so they can make the best possible informed decisions
  • Empowers employees to fully utilize their skills
  • Cultivates the next generation of leaders
  • Role-modeling a standard of excellence through principle based, high integrity leadership
  • Develops new and innovative ideas that result in significant organizational changes
  • Promotes creativity, risk-taking, and supports results
  • Understands and develops diversity within the organization
  • Encourages employees to collaborate on initiatives with external partners.

Emergency Preparedness, Employee Safety and Security
The Federal Government is the Nation’s largest employer (and the first or second largest in many metropolitan areas). In times of emergency, we have a responsibility to collaborate in our communities. To that end, FEBs play a vital role. This Strategic Goal produces interagency communication, shared resources and workforce education.
The goal is to create effective collaboration across agencies relating to on emergency readiness and recovery, and to educate our Federal workforce on issues in emergency situations.

Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Team 
This category recognizes one team a law enforcement employee with significant contributions to homeland security and/or law enforcement. These areas may include: border and transportation security, civil rights, counter-terrorism, emergency response, fraud prevention, and intelligence.  Attributes may include:

  • A calm, even-handed approach to handling crises; de-escalating tensions
  • Objectivity and a respectful approach in handling difficult situations
  • Excellent application of emergency management skills
  • Effective communication skills evident in working with employees and citizens
  • Effective communication skills evident in working with interagency and external partners.
  • Practicing “seek first to understand, then to be understood”
  • Exceptional contingency planning and proactive mitigation of issues that would otherwise have a detrimental impact on employees and/or citizens

Strategic Partnerships
This strategic goal advances local and national initiatives through interagency collaboration and community outreach. FEBs serve as Federal ambassadors to represent agencies and their missions to State and local government, Congressional offices, and community organizations. The goal is to engage with local communities and to improve implementation of Government-wide and agency initiatives through effective communication and collaboration.

Citizen Services Employee or Team 
This category recognizes significant contributions of an individual or team participating in activities related to public service. Areas of service may include: economic development, education, health care, housing, labor, and transportation. Accomplishments may include:

  • Exceptional dedication to public service
  • Enhancement of public service image
  • Promotes a special act or service in the public interest
  • Sets standard for interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Sets standard for interagency collaboration

Management Excellence 
This category recognizes an employee that demonstrates superior leadership and management excellence through significant contributions that exemplifies efficient, effective, and results-oriented government.  This category recognizes supervisors, managers, and any level of professional work. Nominees will be compared on the basis of competency, efficiency, and accomplishment that distinguish them in the professional/supervisory field. Accomplishments may include:

  • Educating the workforce or the public in their field of expertise
  • Applying their expertise to solve problems previously perceived as unfixable
  • Empowers employees to be results driven
  • Assuming leadership roles as a subject matter expert
  • Skill in directing and developing subordinates
  • Improving efficiency and making process redesign recommendations
  • Leading collaboration and partnerships among federal partners

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