Executive Committee FY2017


OFFICERS (Terms expire 9/30/17)

Chair: Jeannette P. Tamayo
Regional Director, Chicago Regional Office
Economic Development Administration
Department of Commerce

Vice Chair: Jon Sebastian
Regional Administrator
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
Department of Labor

Secretary/Treasurer: Ricardo A. Wong
Field Office Director
Enforcement & Removal Operations
Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security


Michael J. Anderson (Term expires 9/30/18)
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice

Thomas M. Cioppa (Term expires 9/30/17)
Chicago District Director
Citizenship and Immigration Services
Department of Homeland Security

Barry D. Cooper (Term expires 9/30/18)
Regional Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration
Department of Transportation

Colonel Christopher T. Drew (Term expires 9/30/18)
Commander/District Engineer
Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District
Department of Defense

Keith B. Earley (Term expires 9/30/18)
Director of Administration
Railroad Retirement Board

Mary E. Gorecki (Term expires 9/30/18)
Regional Director
Community Relations Service
Department of Justice

Captain James D. Hawkins (Term expires 9/30/17)
Commanding Officer
Naval Station Great Lakes
Department of Defense

Clifford T. Hughes (Term expires 9/30/18)
Regional Director
Federal Protective Services
Department of Homeland Security

Joi H. Jones (Term expires 9/30/17)
Senior Commissioner
Great Lakes-Midwest Area
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Treasury

Robert A. Kaplan (Term expires 9/30/17)
Acting Regional Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency

John A. Koleno
Special Agent in Charge
United States Secret Service
Department of Homeland Security

Renee Oshinski (Term expires 9/30/17)
Acting Network Director
Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 12
Veterans Health Administration
Department of Veterans Affairs

Marisol R. Simon
Regional Administrator
Federal Transit Administration
Department of Transportation

Phyllis M. Smith (Term expires 9/30/17)
Regional Commissioner
Social Security Administration

Robert “Bo” S. Steiner (Term expires 9/30/17)
District Director
Illinois District
Small Business Administration

EX OFFICIO MEMBERS (Terms do not expire)

John T. Cooke
Regional Commisioner
Public Buildings Service
General Services Administration

John L. Hosteny
Director, Illinois Office
Corporation for National and Community Service

Stanley D. Moore
Regional Director
Bureau of the Census
Department of Commerce

Joanne M. Plasky
Manager, Chicago Oversight
Office of Personnel Management

Janet Odeshoo
Regional Administrator
Federal Emergency Management Agency

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