Events We Offer

The Chicago FEB partners with agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions to support Federal employees and workforce development through offered events. If you are interested in learning about upcoming events contact the Chicago FEB at and request to be added to the Events listserv.  Also, check out our  Events and Training page for more information on our most current events. 

FEB All Agency Calls

FEB All Agency Calls support our objective to develop and improve relationships among agencies with all levels of government in the Chicagoland area. Our focus is to gather leaders to discuss and present on significant issues and topics the Federal community is interested in. We allot time for Q&A in order to bring clarification and engage with leadership.

Mediation Trainings

The Chicago FEB supports Federal employees in gaining a mediator certificate after attending multiple training sessions. Once participants have completed training they become eligible to join the Chicago Federal Executive Board’s Shared Neutrals Alternative Dispute Resolution Program as a co-mediator. Problem solving using meditation offers array of  benefits including reduction in costs, provides parties with increased understanding, and provides an opportunity for both sides to move forward expeditiously with more satisfactory outcomes. Opportunities are available for currently active federal mediators that have completed initial 35 contact hours of SNAP mediation training as well as completed at least four EEO or non-EEO mediations within the past fiscal year.

Diversity Training

Training and events related to diversity and EEO.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness events welcome federal employees to learn more about topics around managing their well-being such as; stress management, grieving, and resilience strategies. In addition, we invite federal employees to health and benefits fairs to prepare  them with the opportunity to chat with plan representatives.

Career Opportunities

The Chicago FEB in partnership with the Chicago Government College Relations Council (GCRC) hosts a range of webinars for college students to gain insight on career opportunities within the federal government. This supports our objective to support the development of future leaders. The Social Security Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Energy are among some of the agencies that have presented in these events. The General Service Administration also provides a more in-depth look and understanding of the variety of career opportunities they offer. 

Retirement Preparation

Federal experts bring information  on retirement strategies and topics such as; TSP contributions, Thrift Savings, Social Security benefits, and more. These events take various formats such as; webinars, seminars, and courses. Tools discussed in these events can be found on our page, Retirement/Healthcare Services.