Emergency Preparedness

Chicago FEB Emergency Preparedness and Advisory Committee (EPAC) oversees  development of emergency and COOP plans and enhances overall emergency preparedness for a wide range of potential emergencies, both weather and non-weather regarding Chicagoland federal community.

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CLICK HERE for the FEB EPAC Alert and Dismissal Procedure

For notice events, such as weather-related situations where GSA buildings remain open, the agency head, whether located inside or outside the main business center of Chicago has full discretion to determine the appropriate response. The decision must balance concerns for employee safety with the obligation to deliver programs critical to the agency’s mission. Agency directors have the following options:

1. Telework – Employees may be permitted to work remotely, as specified by their      individual agency policy.

2. Alternative Work Schedules – Employees may be permitted to change their AWS day or work longer hours and fewer days.

3. Delayed Start Time – Employees may be permitted additional time for commuting to their work station.

4. Unscheduled Leave – Employees can be granted unscheduled annual leave or leave without pay (LWOP). For most weather-related situations, unscheduled leave (formerly known as liberal leave) will be the default policy.

5. Adjusted Early Dismissal – Employees may be dismissed early by a set number of hours (usually 2 hours) relative to their normal departure time.

6. Excused Absence / Administrative Leave – Employees may be excused for a period not exceeding 59 minutes on any day for non-routine absence and in accordance with the agency’s leave policy. Additional administrative leave can be granted during conditions and in accordance with the agency’s policies on granting administrative leave.