Stay Connected

Below is a list of the Chicago FEB email groups open to all federal employees. By joining a list, you will receive informational emails regarding programs training, events and other opportunities in the Chicago area for federal employees.

Email to request to join one of the following groups:

COOP: Continuity training and resources for emergency preparedness professionals.

Diversity: Training and events related to diversity and EEO.

Events: Receive discounts on tickets and special packages for federal employees and their friends and family. Learn all about the training opportunities the FEB and its partners have to offer.

Health & Wellness: Information on wellness events and programs like group walks and health fairs.

Human Resources: Training, networking, and general HR information.

Legal: Training, events, and discounts for federal attorneys.

Managers: Opportunities for supervisors and federal managers.

Mediators: Opportunities for federal employees that have completed 35 hours of SNAP mediation training and completed 4 co-mediated sessions.

Co-Mediators: Opportunities for federal employees that are interested in becoming a mediator or continuing mediation certification.

  • Co-Mediators, join FEB Events for all upcoming training opportunities.

Public Affairs: Resources and general information on current trends and social media.

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