For notice events, such as weather-related situations where GSA has not closed the building, the local agency head has full discretion to determine the appropriate response. The decision concerning early dismissal is one that must balance concerns for employee safety with the obligation to deliver programs critical to the Agency’s mission.  Agency directors have the following options:

  1. Telework – Employees can work from home or at telework centers.
  2. Alternative Work Schedules – Employees can change their AWS day or work longer hours and fewer days.
  3. Delayed Start Time – Employees can come in later and leave later to avoid peak weather severity and/or to allow more time for commuting.
  4. Unscheduled Leave – Employees can be granted unscheduled annual leave or leave without pay (LWOP). For most weather-related situations, unscheduled leave (formerly known as liberal leave) will be the default policy
  5. Adjusted Early Dismissal – Employees may be dismissed early by a set number of hours (usually 2 hours) relative to their normal departure time.
  6. Excused Absence / Administrative Leave – supervisors may excuse for a period not to exceed 59 minutes[1] on any day for non-routine absence and in accordance with the Agency’s Leave Policy.  Additional administrative leave can be granted during severe conditions and in accordance with the agency’s policies on granting administrative leave.

NOTE:  Early Dismissal – To the extent possible, Agency heads should consider the use of “adjusted early dismissals.”  An adjusted dismissal allows employees to leave work early relative to their normal departure, based on the time they arrived. For example, if a two-hour dismissal is approved, employees would depart two hours earlier than their normally scheduled departure time.  This prevents a situation where all employees in the Federal complex are released at the same time.



[1] Per CFR § 630.206   Minimum charge.  (a) Unless an agency establishes a minimum charge of less than one hour, or establishes a different minimum charge through negotiations, the minimum charge for leave is one hour, and additional charges are in multiples thereof. If an employee is unavoidably or necessarily absent for less than one hour, or tardy, the agency, for adequate reason, may excuse him without charge to leave.